Josh (after his blue dong fell off)

Watchmen is a graphic novel set in an alternate 1985, where costumed vigilantes (masks). Despite frequently mentioning Watchmen, both on the podcast and in the comics, Joel has never drawn any character from Watchmen. Watchmen was first mentioned in Knighty Nite where Joel mocked Nite Owl, much to Josh's ire. Joel and Eli discussed their jealousy of how Kevin Smith is able to see movies like Watchmen early in Who Snooches The Noochmen? Josh nearly protested the entire year of 2009 because of Fox's attempts to stop the Watchmen movie in ...Like It's 10 Years After 1999. In Dr. Manhattan and the Electric Mayhem, Joel attempted to give Josh the powers of Dr. Manhattan (in an effort to see the movie early), but only succeeded in turning Josh's body blue, and causing Josh's penis to fall off (it was implied Josh killed himself soon after). The final reference to Watchmen came in Novelty Cake Toppers which covered Dr. Manhattan dildos and Josh wearing Dr. Manhattan's mantees. Josh and Joel discussed the future casting of Rorschach in The Perils Of Being Typecast.

Concerning the movie, Alex, a guest for Episode 47 of the Podcast, enjoyed the Watchmen movie, but found that it was missing a lot due to the parts that were removed. Joel, who did not read the graphic novel before seeing the film, had a more supportive opinion of the movie in Episode 48 along with Eli, Josh, and Denise.