Tom Cruise (riding the Magical Eagle Gwynalfmir the Windmaven)

Tom Cruise is a film actor known for movies such as Mission Impossible, Minority Report, and Valkyrie; however, in HijiNKS ENSUE he is mostly mentioned for his Scientology beliefs. Tom Cruise was first drawn in How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11, which depicted him grabbing the terrorists from one of doomed planes on 9/11, feeding them to a shark he summoned, then "shark-splode!"-ing the entire group with his laser eye beams. The strip parodied comments made by the actor about his role in the aftermath of the attacks. The comic became very popular, spinning into a trilogy. In How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11: Pt. 2, Tom Cruise transports the Twin Towers of New York City to his home dimension, the Afterverse, where they would be safe. In How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11: Pt 3 he consults with his master, Jor L. Ron (a play on the names of L. Ron Hubbard and Jor El, Superman's father). To date Tom Cruise only has one other appearance in the comic Yo Holmes, Smell Ya Later as a counselor for ''Will Smith's Scientology School''. In the comic he advises a young Josh to have a sham wedding to hide the fact that he is gay.

How Tom Cruise Remembers 9/11