Eli, as a Terminator made by Google

Terminator is a movie trilogy featuring an android, built for the sole purpose of eliminating humans. In each movie, a terminator goes back in time to try to eliminate John Conner, the leader of the rebellion in the future. Joel mocked the second Terminator movie in Come with me if you want to love, where he theorized the Google Android phone would run a similar course as Skynet did, leading to Eli being a wiped Terminator send back in time. Later, Terminator was turned into a television series, called Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Joel attempted to convince Josh to watch the new television series, but to no avail as Josh had already been turned into a FOX Executive Terminator in The Chronic-What? -cles of Sarah Connor.

A Terminator with a human skin job in Why Do You Cry?

A new movie series, Terminator: Salvation is currently being filmed, staring Christian Bale. It was on the set of Terminator: Salvation that Bale had his famous outburst. This outburst was referenced in Episode 44, and remixed in Episode 45 with David visits the Dentist. Joel argued against Eli that Christian Bale was justified in his rant, and it was heavily suggested that Joel killed Josh for daring to disagree in Do You Like Phil Collins?Joel was forced to choose between Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Dollhouse by the evil FOX Executive, although the gun he was given wasn't loaded in SciFi’s Choice. In Why Do You Cry? Joel imagined a Terminator attempting to blend in with other humans. The crew later gave their thoughts on the movie Terminator: Salvation in Episode 56 of the podcast.