Darth Vader

Star Wars is a space universe wherein Jedi Knights fight against the dark side of the force. After the Original Trilogy, Star Wars expanded into a Prequel Trilogy, cartoon CGI movie, cartoon CGI movie, and an upcoming live action Star Wars series. Joel has often used the HijiNKS ENSUE comic to comment on the different new projects for Star Wars. In an effort to stop the live action Star Wars TV Series that will supposedly be similar to the Sopranos, Josh and Joel sent the severed head of Jar Jar Binks to George Lucas in An Offer He Can't Refuse, this appears to have had no effect on the series. Joel was later seduced by the Force Trainer in Recomended for Ages from Youngling to Padawan, which caused him to revive his Knights of the Old Republic character: Darque Wyngduk. Joel visited George Lucas' home to argue over the pay of David Prowse, only to find that Kenny Baker was left in the shell of R2D2 in Episode V: Creative Accounting Strikes Back. Eli describe the Star Wars connection to the Tonight Show in In The Year 2000 In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, leading to Joel realizing that Masturbating Bear was in fact a connection to Chewbacca. In A Well-Reasoned Argument, Eli explained how the Ewoks were extremely similar to Care Bears.