Barack Obama


Robobama Force

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, and has been mentioned and drawn numerous times for the comic. Although Joel does not enjoy politics in general, he has found amusement in how tech savvy the President is, and has made jokes about his use of Blackberries, YouTube and Twitter. Joel has also reinterpreted Barack Obama's appearance, first as a Klingon called B'arack, Son of Obama in Intelligent Political Discourse, then as a robot named Robobama Force in Don't Fuck This Up, America. Obama appeared in a comic posted on the day of his inauguration, entitled Adjusting to Change, where Obama was mourning the loss of his Blackberry (which ironically he was allowed to keep). He most recently appeared in Tweroes and Twillains, amazed at how Twitter brought celebrities together.


B'arack, Son of Obama