The Heroes logo (parodied with HijiNKS ENSUE initials) in Heroes continues to not be X-Men

Heroes is a television series on NBC about different humans discovering unique abilities, and how they use them. Joel continues to watch it, despite repeatedly complaining about the series in the comic and podcast, due to his inability to stop watch bad serialized TV shows (see Smallville).

Hereos was briefly mentioned in NBC Makes Excellent Business Decisions, but it's first real parody was Heroes continues to not be X-Men where Joel hand the powers of Issac Mendez, Eli had the powers of D.L., and Josh had the powers of Nikki Sanders. After the second season started to much criticism, Joel parodied the W.G.A. strike by striking against Tim Kring continuing to make Heroes in Tim Kring makes puppies commit adultery. Joel wanted to stop watch Heroes, but his afformation inability to stop watching bad serialized TV shows stopped him. When he found out Josh had stopped watching Heroes, he attempted to steal this ability as Sylar would in All We Wanna Do Is Eat Your Brains. When Joel was against unsatisfied with the new seasons of Heroes, he parodied their consant twist and turns in There Goes My Hero, where he used HijiNKS ENSUE characters in the roles of various Heroes characters. Heroes last mention was in Tweroes and Twillains where Wesley Crusher and Matt Parkman formed a twiendship while Barack Obama follwed them.