Dumbledore from Not that there's anything wrong with that

Harry Potter is a series of novels featuring a young wizard named Harry Potter going to Hogwartz School of Wizardry. Harry Potter was first mentioned when Josh was attempting to avoid spoilers in And The Deathly Spoilers, where Joel and Eli attempted to get around Josh cryogenically freezing himself. After the novels were finished, Josh prepared an elaborate death trap in Harry Potter: Epilouge. At the last moment, Eli convinced Josh to not kill himself, only for Joel to accidentally kill Josh. In Not that there's anything wrong with that, it was revealed that not only did Josh know ahead of the announcement that Dumbledore was gay, but had infact met Dumbledore in a gay club. It was from this comic that the T-Shirt Wizard Pride came from. A method for preserving life was borrowed from Harry Potter in Dick Everlasting. Josh's mocking of Joel for listening to the Harry Potter books was brought to comic form in A Princely Pursuit. After finishing the Harry Potter Audio Books, Joel suffered PPD (Post-Potter Depression) in The Disorder of the Pheonix. Josh was worried that J.K. Rowling wouldn't appreciate the changes made from the story to the movie; however, Joel thought she would be fine, imagining her diving into a pile of gold ala Scrooge McDuck in Artistic License. When Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was cast as Bilbo in the upcoming The Hobbit movie, Joel realized that he could risk spiraling into geeky obscurity in The Bravest Little Hobbit of Them All. Before Universal could build the Harry Potter Theme Park, Denise had already showed up in full Wizard gear in ‘Cause I’m Leaving On A Red Train. She ended her stay by running straight into a concrete wall.