History Edit

The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast has it's own game was first introduced by Fancy Bastard Forum moderator Bill (AKA bhaelochon) on August 8th, 2008. It was first mentioned in Episode 25. It originated as a drinking game, and evolved into a donation drive. One shot = $0.50. New rules are always welcome.

The Rules Edit

  • The feed dies or the internet goes down: 2 shots / $1:00
  • Denise says "I hate you guys!" : 1 shot
  • Joel does a voice: 1 shot
  • Josh takes a bathroom break: 2 shots
  • Anyone mentions Eli's poor and/or Mexican upbringing: 2 shots
  • Anyone mentions Josh's sexual orientation: 1 shot
  • The Donation Drive is mentioned: 1 shot
  • A line from Arrested Development is quoted: 2 shots
  • BSG is mentioned: 1 shot
    • The mention is acknowledged as "out of turn" in the podcast schedule: 1 shot
  • A question from the Mail Sack has been answered on a previous podcast: 1 shot
  • The ending theme is played: 3 shots (1 for fun, 2 for the fact you should have stopped a long time ago)
  • Eli hits the Vince Guaraldi button: 1 shot
  • Josh giggles: 1 shot
  • Denise is accused of being racist: 2 shots
  • The drinking game gets mentioned: finish your drink
  • Josh asks or talks about something covered in a prior podcast that he skipped out on: 1 shot
  • Josh says "So I was listening to last week's podcast...": finish your drink and give all your cash on hand to HE