Eli Luna "assists" Joel with soundboard effects on the podcast. While his skills with the sound board bring a professional flair to the podcast, he is also known to go off on non-sequitor often, or bring up completely random topics. He has a love for scary movies as specified in The Head of Many Nails, and bad movies as often mentioned on the podcast. Both Josh and Joel have commented on Eli's incredible ability to discover incredibly horrible movies. Eli is also a very large fan of drinking, and being drunk. Eli has had many jobs (though not nearly as many as Joel), which included working at Cinemark, where he dressed up as Front Row Joe (an anthropomorphic cat). He also dislocated his shoulder at this job when he slipped in butter and/or butter substitute (for more information listen to Episode 3 of the HE podcast: One-Way Ticket Straight to Hell). Eli also worked as a Joss Whedon sheppard in A Crisis Of Faith, helping to reassure Joel's lost trust in Whedon. You can learn more about Eli's current projects at Robot Boots. Eli's grandmother was a regular impersonation done on the podcast, with the line "I'm so sleepy" done nearly every time she was brought up, and many times when she wasn't. Eli's father has been depicted in the comics in Cerveza Libre, where it was revealed that Eli's father is a Mexican wrestler (as well, it appears Eli's mother was dancing with a half naked Josh). Eli has not died nearly as often as Josh, however he has had his fair share of severe injuries. Eli suffered from a severe brain aneurysm in A Phenomenon Known As "J.J. Vu". Eli had his forehead burned in with the symbol of the Red Ring of Death from his Xbox 360 in You Just Got Rick RROD. His arms exploded when he tried to grow claws in Weapon-Mex.
Elis Dad

Eli's Father

Lyrics to Jeff Fardink's "Eli's Theme" [audio]

He crossed the border legally

He tightens graphics on Level 3

No more soundboard, please kill me

His grandma is so sleepy

Aye aye aye aye

aye aye Eli!