Denise Real and Comic


Denise A., the only regular female cast member both in the comic and on the podcast, was originally born in the Philippines. Often teased about her international personal history, she has been ironically referred to as:

Slanted up/slanted down
"What's that country where they're eating mud cakes right now?"

Denise is a former employee of Gearbox in Human Resources, and now does office work at another company. Denise has a sister named Nikki, that has occasionally been mentioned on the podcast and can be heard in Episode 33 and briefly in Episode 63.

History in the ComicEdit


Panel four of The Host's Lament

Denise was originally included in the comic on January 10th, 2008, when she starred in American Gladiators: The Next Generation. Since this introduction eight months into the strip, she has gained wide popularity for her personality and for breaking up the previously exclusively male cast. Despite this popularity, it was five months before Joel included her again, in The Immaculate Extinction Theory. Her most popular moment (arguably) was in the June 16, 2008 comic, The Host's Lament. In panel four of the comic, Denise is attacked by a cat, which exaggerates an attack made against her by one of Joel's cats at his birthday party following the first ever live-streaming of the podcast on The panel spawned a short-lived T-shirt called Catonmyface which reproduced the art from the panel in question.

History in the PodcastEdit

While appearing sparingly in Episode 2 of the cast, Denise arguably began her career on the podcast approximately a month and a half later, on Episode 8 when she filled in for Josh for the first time. Due to Josh's frequent absence, she filled this roll several times before eventually (in Episode 16), Joel called Denise "as much a part of this as anyone else", making her officially a member of the regular podcast crew. Joel has cited her as the most beloved member of the HE crew, going as far back as her first comic appearance.