Battlestar Galactica Shirt

Battlestar: Galactica is a franchise of SciFi television series, films, books, and video games. The version most often mention on the podcast and in the comic is the most recent version which aired from 2004 to 2009 on SyFy. Battlestar: Galactica is set in a distant part of the universe where a civilization of humans live on a series of planets known as the Twelve Colonies, and are at war with a cybernetic race known as Cylons. Battlestar: Galactica (or BSG) is a beloved series of the entire cast of HijiNKS ENSUE and is often talked about on the podcast. Joel will often imitate the voices of Adama and Col. Tigh. BSG was first mentioned in the comics in Why a Wiimote cousin? Why not an axe where Joel killed Josh and Eli to prevent himself from having the show spoiled. Joel imagined what Battlestar: Galactica would be like if Kevin Smith directed it in Less Cylons, More Dick Jokes, and also had Eli write a fan letter to the crew of Galactica in I'm going to ask Battlestar Galactica to Homecoming. Joel bought a Cylon Ressurection Hub at the BSG auction and turned it into a hot tub (with Josh's mind hooked into it) in Going Once, Going Thrace, SOLD!. Joel practiced his BSG related sexual innuendo in If This Battlestar's A-Rockin', and also depicted what it was like to watch the BSG finale at New England Webcomics Weekend in A Minor Scheduling Conflict. When Denise met the actor who played Col. Tigh in The Tigh's That Blind, she felt the need to stab out one of his eyes to make him appear as his character did in BSG. Due to all of the BSG actors on Dollhouse, Joel created a crossover in Lo FijiNKS: Guest Star Galactica. Josh and Joel discussed the threeboot of Battlestar in So Sad We All.

Caprica Edit

Caprica is a prequel to the Battlestar: Galactica series. It begins 58 years before Galactica and tells the story of how colonial humanity first created Cylons. It has been mentioned in many of the later podcasts, but never depicted in the comic.