Alex Comic

Alex from Podcast Episode 50, and from War Machine, HUH! Good God! What Is It Good For?

Alex first appeared in Episode 17 briefly, but then served as a guest commenter in episodes of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast, Episode 47, Episode 50, Episode 52, and Episode 55. Alex has always filled in for Josh, so there is no podcast where Alex & Josh can interact. It was revealed in Episode 50 that Alex works with Joel often refers to Alex as "Nega-Eli" do to how similar the two appear. He has also called Eli "Alex2" when confronted with both at the same time. Joel has also referred to Alex as Eli's, "Partner in Love and Crime". Alex has shown up only once in the comic (and not in name) in War Machine, HUH! Good God! What Is It Good For?, when he replaced Eli as part of the comic crew (The only time he's replaced Eli). Alex also maintains a Twitter page at |